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Tiger tourniquet

The Tiger Tourniquet® was conceived in 1991 and used for over a decade on lower extremity thrombosis patients. Whereas deep vein thrombosis may be of concern to soldiers and doctors in the field, the more immediate danger is on arterial bleeding and uncontrolled hemorrhage. The "Tiger" addresses these problems with a vascular tourniquet designed and patented for directional-flow therapy for limbs with blood clots. The standard tourniquet has no moving parts or buckles which can break in stressed conditions.

The Tiger Tourniquet® is available in 1.5 or 2.0 inch width, with an optional, movable one inch disk which can be used to apply focal pressure when necessary. Light weight and compact, one or more can be carried in a pocket or concealed in a built in pouch in the pant leg or sleeve making it immediately available for upper or lower limb trauma.

It takes less than 15 seconds to apply, can be applied single-handedly, and unlike surgical tubing and other tourniquets, is much less painful while in use. It can be pulled and tightened from opposing directions. The length and stretch combined with interval Velcro-type anchors provide strength and versatility for different wound sites and limb size.

Tiger tourniquet size comparison
TigerGear tourniquets

It is the only tourniquet suitable for use on neck and head wounds as well as limbs. The 2” model can effectively immobilize the neck if trauma is suspected. In addition, two tourniquets can be used with suitable rods to quickly immobilize a broken limb. Speed of application and light-weight, versatile design make this the best tourniquet available for trauma.

The patent-pending, bi-directional Tiger Tourniquet® is a cost-effective addition to military battlefield gear that can save limbs and lives.

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